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1. Social Justice Warriors
2. Tumblr
3. People who bitch about "cissexism".
4. People who bitch about "heteronormativity".
5. People who use the word "ableism" unironically.
6. Modern feminism
8. Misandry
9. Peole who claim misandry isn't real.
10. People who think misandry is justifiable.
11. Tucutes
12. People who call me transphobic for thinking logically.
13. People who call anyone transphobic for thinking logically.
14. People who act like transgendered people are made of glass and must be protected.
15. People who think that anyone in the first world is "oppressed".
16. Neopronouns such as 'ze' and 'hir'.
17. Nounself pronouns such as 'bunself' and 'fluffself'.
18. Otherkin
19. People who think there are more than two genders.
21. Problem glasses
22. The disregard for grammar and basic spelling/punctuation that all SJWs seem to have.
23. "Deez nuts"
24. "What are those"
25. The Steven Universe fanbase
26. The Superwholock fanbase
27. The Hetalia fanbase
28. The FNAF fanbase
29. The PewDiePie fanbase
30. PewDiePie
31. New episodes of Spongebob
32. Flash codecs not working properly
33. Five Nights at Freddy's
34. Hetalia
35. Hetalia again I fucking hate Hetalia and its fucking dumbass fandom.
36. The Homestuck fanbase
37. Almost all movies made after 2010 (with several exceptions)
38. The Avengers fanbase
39. The Marvel fanbase
40. Stony shippers
41. Almost all Marvel movies, especially the new ones.
42. Tea
43. Unfurtunate's unnatural attraction to tea
44. Seafood
45. Animal abuse
46. Squeaky-voiced kids.
47. Babies
48. My computer when it doesn't work properly
49. Rage comics
50. Troll face
51. "FUUUUUU" face
52. "Forever Alone" face
53. Literally every other rage face ever made (with the exception of 'Know that feel' guy)
54. Advice animal memes
56. Anti-Gamergaters
57. LupisVulpes
58. Any joke comparing Pokemon to dog fighting or enslavement.
59. Illuminati jokes
60. Skype emoticons
61. DeviantART emoticons
62. Any emoticons
63. PaintTool SAI
64. Adobe charging way too much for their software like a bunch of Jews.
65. People who take my jokes way too seriously
66. People who claim to be "furry trash"
67. Custom dA pages
68. Sparkledogs
69. Cinnadogs
70. Sushi dogs
71. Water dogs
72. New Simpsons episodes
73. New Family Guy episodes
74. Inflation fetishes
75. Vore fetishes
76. Male pregnancy fetishes
77. Phineas and Ferb
78. Random humor
79. "XD" face
80. "^_^" face
81. Dark chocolate
82. People who are scared of spiders
83. People who won't shut the fuck up about transphobia.
84. The lack of 2D animated films in recent years.
85. Almost every single post on Tumblr.
86. WatchMojo
87. Furries who are so cringy that they make the rest of us look like freaks.
88. People who claim that video games are sexist.
89. People who try to shove female characters into existig media to be more inclusive.
90. People who think being inclusive is more important than creative freedom.
91. People who get offended by retarded shit.
92. Trigger warnings
93. People who use trigger warnings
94. People who tell other people to use trigger warnings
95. People who refuse to accept that some people don't identify as a feminist.
96. People who claim to be 'anti-truscum'.
97. People who use the term 'cishet'.
98. People who act like being cis or straight is a bad thing.
99. People who make retarded headcannons like 'Dipper is a transman'.
100. When you run out of interesting YouTube videos to watch.
101. Blood on the Dance Floor
102. When you hear one good song from a band and you expect the rest of the songs are like that one but all the other songs are shit.
103. Bitchy, invasive people who think they know anything about you.
104. The fact that Billy Mays is dead.
105. People who get offended by JonTron saying the word 'retarded'.
106. People who get offended by me saying the word 'retarded'.
107. People who get offended by anyone saying the word 'retarded'.
108. People who want to censor 'offensive' things.
109. Girls who dye their hair unnatural colors.
110. People who ask others to donate to them so they can get a sex change operation.
111. When a good song starts to suck because I've listened to it over and over again.
112. Adoptables
113. Copypastas
114. The ocean. It's fucking terrifying.
115. Any movie by Blue Sky Studios
116. Shows with no continuity (even as a kid that pissed me off).
117. The fact that I can't tell if Within Temptation is a metal band or not.
118. Sabaton isn't well-known and that's bullshit.
119. A startling lack of goats in media.
120. Praying mantises are extremely difficult to find.
121. I'll never be able to see every reptile species on earth.
122. Some people actually think reptiles are gross.
123. My pets aren't smart enough to understand that I love them.
124. Coffee
125. Fatal Error taking so long to finish.
126. No one has seen Fatal Error yet so I can't really talk about it with anyone.
127. Cisphobia
128. Heterophobia
129. Michael Bay Transformers movies
130. Mary-Sue characters
131. When people can barely speak English on the internet.
132. When people bitch about site updates that really aren't that bad.
133. The phrase "Staring into your soul"; it's cliche as fuck.
134. The "for what felt like an eternity" line that's in every other creepypasta.
135. The Sonic fandom
136. Apple products (Macs, iPhones, etc).
137. Computer viruses
138. People who make computer viruses
139. Anyone who hasn't killed at least three people who make computer viruses.
140. When my computer automatically connects to a proxy server.
141. Diaper fetishes.
142. People who assume that advocating for men's rights makes you sexist.
143. People who think men can't be raped.
144. People who think women can't be sexist.
145. People who think the wage gap is real.
146. People who think privilege is a real thing.
147. People who think the patriarchy is a real thing.
148. Clarence
149. Teen Titans Go
150. The fact that I still haven't managed to get my hands on a copy of season 3 of Tales from the Crypt to complete the collection.
151. The fact that I probably never will finish One Piece, especially at the pace that I'm going.
152. When I get overly nostalgic about Pokemon.
153. Reading books
154. I don't own a sword but I really want one.
155. I don't own a battleaxe but I really want one.
156. I don't own a medieval flail but I really want one.
157. My ear is fucking itchy all the time.
158. I really want to buy Legos but don't have the money.
159. I have a Garruk Wildspeaker action figure that I really want to hold in my hands but I don't want to take it out of the packaging.
160. and it's SJW writers.
161. Gawker Media
162. Lag in Minecraft
163. Lag in any game
164. My lamp used to have three-way brightness but it doesn't anymore somehow.
165. Custom fursuits are expensive as shit.
166. Skype bullshit
167. My pocket knife is broken.
168. I can't hug my girlfriend when she's upset because she's too far away.
169. Mushrooms
170. I have a shit ton of MTG cards and no one to play with.
171. I need to rewatch Lord of the Rings but I don't have time.
172. I don't have a full steampunk outfit.
173. 12 year olds on the internet.
174. 12 year olds on Minecraft
175. 12 year olds in real life.
176. 12 year olds
177. My old art
178. My hair still hasn't grown back to it's original length.
179. Characters with weird eyebrows. (like dA's Fella and Puppycat from Bea and Puppycat)
180. California
181. People from California.
182. Things from California.
183. Redneck southerners
184. Redneck northerners
185. Usernames like "SAlLB0AT" or "b33fqravy"
186. People who cry at movies
187. People who talk about the fact that they cry at movies like it's something to be proud of.
188. Animal Crossing after a few hours of playing.
189. Fart jokes on TV
190. Mucus
191. Seeing mucus
192. Jokes based around mucus
193. Calling mucus anything other than mucus (literally every other name for it makes me retch)
194. Retarded family movies that pander to the lowest common denominator.
195. Shelly Marsh
196. Lisa Simpson
197. People who talk about Cthulhu who haven't even read Lovecraft.
198. Arrow to the knee jokes (I'm still pissed off about this like three years later)
200. People who copy Egoraptor's art style.

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